Outside Magazine Feature & First Art Show

Keeping true to my word, my lofty aspirations of inactivity have been going extremely well. This blog hasn't been touched in 3 MONTHS! WOW. I feel pretty damn accomplished. That's the key to success, just set the bar very low.

That being said, I did set some actual "lofty goals" in 2017. First, I wanted to get my photography featured in a local art show or gallery. Secondly, I wanted to be featured in print, whether that be a magazine, newspaper, wanted poster, anything.

I applied for the annual art show known as "Terrain" with my Big Four Ice Cave photo from the previous year titled "Mouth of Yowie" and I was accepted! This year marked their 10th show and their biggest turnout ever. I had a huge metal print made for the event this last October. I had intended on writing a blogpost for that, but instead here's a quick sentence. It was a great experience, I met tons of awesome people, Emily stuck by me both nights and helped interact with people and I love her to death.


Terrain 10

Cheesin' by my photo.

Oh, and also I bootlegged prints out of my backpack because I didn't turn my prints in on time. And also, also, Saranac Public House has the best cheese sauce for pretzel dipping ever. I'd also recommend taking shots of it. It's that good.


Mouth of Yowie

Photo featured in Spokane's "Terrain 10"

Grab a physical print for your wall here!

Or grab the Jan/Feb '18 Issue of Outside Magazine!

After being accepted to Terrain with my ice cave photograph, I figured I'd send it off to a few publications and magazines to see if they would be interested in using it. The top of my list was Outdoor Photographer, Outside Magazine and a few others. To my surprise, I received an email back from Outside Magazine saying they'd love to feature my photo in the "Exposure" section of the Jan/Feb 2018 Issue! And they wanted to do a two-page spread! 


The fact that they let an amateur like me into their magazine inspires me to no end. This is a publication that truly wants to see underdog photographers succeed. I highly recommend submitting your photos to the Exposure section of the publication because, I mean, you got nothing to lose! 

I couldn't be happier with finishing my 2017 goals just in time for 2018! I don't have next years intentions quite yet, but you can guarantee you won't hear about them for at least another 3 or 5 months. Thanks for reading!