Me at my happiest - exploring with my friends

Me at my happiest - exploring with my friends


Michael (Mikey) Gribbin

Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Digital Art and Design at Full Sail University. He has been featured on MSN, Hard Rock Records, Art of Visuals, and more. After exploring and fine-tuning personal projects such as his extensive "No Anchor" project, he went on to design at outdoor media company OutFront Media, where he worked for over two years.

Michael balances his day job with personal creative work involving illustration and freelance logo design, but for the most part, pursues photography. After positive reception over Instagram (featured on numerous high-profile accounts and gaining substantial followers), he decided to submit his work into local galleries and magazines in the Spokane/CDA area. 

Appreciation is found in originality. That's why with every photo Michael takes, he tries to capture the scene in a brand new light (sometimes literally).





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