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Go For A Ride

What’s more fun than hiking to a waterfall at 4 AM? I can’t think of anything, BUT being driven to the trailhead in a Tesla couldn’t hurt right? I will pick you up from Coeur d’Alene or Spokane in a 2019 Model S Tesla and drive us to the trailhead.

The AUX cord is all yours.

Get Valuable Assets

After years of sifting through the good and the bad, I have compiled an end-all be-all Field Guide for Photography. Included with your workshop, this guide covers all the heavy hitters. Composition, Camera Settings, Tips, Tricks and much more. You’ll also get a free mystery gift, as well as a signed print by me!

Oh and, most importantly, free food!


Shoot, Edit, Repeat

Spend over 3 hours of valuable shooting time with my full attention. We will be going over long exposures, panoramas, composition tips, and really anything that interests you. After shooting, we will head to breakfast and then a local coffee shop to start editing. I will be walking everyone through my editing process and offering advise on how to edit your photos as well.