Katy Gribbin Senior Photos

Took a little time off from binge-watching 30 Rock to take some senior photos for my sister Katy. Here's a few of my top shots. We went deep into the Coeur d'Alene forest to one of my favorite locations that I'm reluctant to share. I'll give you a hint, it's near some trees.

After we got all the shots she needed, we explored the surroundings a bit more.

On the road up, I couldn't help but notice a strange orange bag tied to a string, just laying on the ground. I went to investigate and it turned out to be a parachute! I picked it up and turned over a large limp tag only to find a huge "DO NOT TOUCH" warning. I threw it back onto the ground in confusion. After Emily tugged on the string for a while we noticed it was attached to a box high up in the tree. I gave it a good pull and snapped the string. The box tumbled to the ground.

And it was...drum roll...a weather balloon! Apparently they are operated by NOAA to collect weather information. There is a mailing address for me to send it back so they can recover the data and I plan on doing that soon. Such a weird thing to find. 

I should've taken a photo but I did not. Maybe I'll snag one before I ship it off.

After that we planned to explore an old abandoned mining facility, but after a few steps into the building, we realized that that was a stupid idea. It was incredibly dark, we had one flashlight and there were some weird inhuman noises coming from the depths of the building. So, in the words of Emily, "NOPE". Maybe in October I'll be ready for spooky-ness of that aptitude.